Winelands of Argentina

A guide for winelovers.

Nowadays, a winery visit is not only about discovering wines that appeal to one’s palate. It is also about a facility’s architecture and natural setting and, in a growing number of cases, gastronomy and accommodation as well. Winelands of Argentina, (ImagenNativa, 2008, 152 p.) the latest wine tourism book by Argentine writer Silvina Minkevich, well expresses the essence of many of the leading wineries that deserve a visit in the province of Mendoza (Argentina’s largest producer), and a few in Salta, La Rioja, San Juan and Catamarca as well. Browsing through its pages makes it easy to decide beforehand which one might want to visit on an upcoming trip to those parts of the country. Brief, pleasantly-written tourist information on the provinces precede attractive two-page color spreads that give the history, distances, maps, visiting hours, special programs and contact information for each winery. A few hotels in vineyards and nearby cities also appear in this book that has been well translated by wine and food writer Dereck Foster.