Everything about La Boca

On Saturday, May 23, the Buenos Aires Tour Guides Association (AGUITBA) will conduct a walking tour of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca that will include the Vuelta de Rocha promenade, the Nicolás Avellaneda bridge, the studio-home of artist Benito Quinquela Martín, a house with Masonic decorations, the fire station, the Boca Juniors stadium, and a surprise. Claudio Díaz will conduct the tour in Spanish. Meeting point: the entrance to the Quinquela Martín Museum at Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1835, at 11am. Cost: 10 pesos for members, 15 pesos for non-members and students. Walks are called off if it rains. Information: 4322-2557, info@aguitba.org.ar, http://www.aguitba.org.ar/.