Estancia Buena Vista

A good look at Corrientes ranch life.

Bonnie Tucker / FST
La Lunita, one of the small adventure outfitters that provides good destinations in Argentina to travelers interested in culture and nature, are organizing another excursion to the Buena Vista ranch near Esquina in Corrientes for May 23-25. It costs 1,255 pesos including a return sleeper bus ticket, and has a good cost:benefit ratio.
They shared with us the above collage they made from photos sent them by an Argentine amateur photographer who had a lovely time with his wife at Estancia Buena Vista earlier this month.
A few years ago I spent a day at Buena Vista in the course of a four-day drovers’ ride organized by neighboring Estancia La Rosita, and can vouch for what Daniel Mari and his wife Teresa had to say about the former and its owners. So I translated their letter to Sebastián Madina as follows:
“Dear Sebas: We had a really great time, it is a dream place, a real ranch house, very well kept up, comfortable, with lots of well-preserved flora and fauna. We rode horses, we rode around in a buggy, and we saw how a ranch works, including calf roping, how animals’ injuries are cured, how cattle, goats, ducks, pigs, buffalo, wild boar and turkeys are raised.
“The ones who make the difference are Klaus and Sarita who, in addition to being the owners, know how to treat people, with amiability, savvy, observation and attention to guests that made us feel very well cared for.
The personnel who help them know their business and are very nice. The food is excellent and the sitting areas very pleasant.
The cost:benefit ratio was very favorable to us and I got very good photos.
As always, La Lunita showed us a new place and didn’t disappoint.
Thank you.
Tere y Daniel.”
Information: 4776-7821; 15-6054-3442.