Biking tours

La Bicicleta Naranja offers two departures on weekdays and one on Saturday from Pasaje Giuffra 308 in San Telmo, and Nicaragua 4825 in Palermo. The three-hour tours that depart from the one in Palermo go as far south as La Boca, and those that leave from San Telmo get as far north as the parks in Palermo. They do the riverside drive and nature reserve in an hour and a half. You can go with your own bike, or rent one by the hour, day or week and do your own tours, using their route map. For details, call 4362-1104.

Bike Tours offers two daily departures from Plaza San Martín that do the La Boca and Palermo routes in three and a half to four hours, and one to San Isidro that includes bike transport on the train from Buenos Aires. Information: 4311-5199.
Urban Biking’s bilingual guides comment on the history of the parks and buildings they pass on their four-hour, 12-km route from their headquarters in Retiro to La Boca and back. They also take you as far as San Isidro and Tigre on the train. A full-day program can combine biking in Tigre with kayaking in the Delta. For more information, call Gabriel at 4658-4321 or 15-5165-9343.
Information on biking outfitters in Argentina:
PHOTO CREDIT: La Bicicleta Naranja.