Nautical activities

In Puerto Madero
The Yacht Club Puerto Madero rents kayaks and sculls to people who have passed its course. Club membership is not necessary. Info at 4313-8008, ext. 103.

In the Delta
All outiftters teach novices, but not all will take you on long rowing tours if you haven’t taken their course.
Caraguatá Rowing (4728-2325) offers private rowing lessons in rivers and creeks inside the Delta. Puro Remo (155-808-2237)does two-hour rowing trips and moonlight excursions. Rowing Trips (155-707-6957) offers excursions in sculls with bilingual instructors. Delta Rowing (154-971-9342) offers two-hour excursions in sculls or kayaks. Delta en Kayak (154-075-9975) runs four-hour excursions in two- and three-seaters with stops at restaurants. M&G Kayaks (155-642-9261) specializes in tours for groups in single- or double-seaters. A Remar! ( 4826-7733) takes you paddling in the Delta and further afield; Selk’nam (154-888-6660) offers guided excursions in canoes for two, three or six paddlers, and moonlight tours.

Timber boat cruises
For charter cruises in the Delta on board timber boats refurbished as yachts, with lunch served on board or at the Los Pecanes inn, call 4293-1040 or 15-5002-1071.

PHOTO CREDITS: Rowing in Puerto Madero (Photo Yacht Club Puerto Madero). Kayaking in the Delta (Photo Delta en Kayak). Lunch on board Doña Julia (Photo by Bonnie Tucker).