Ushuaia International Festival

Free classical music concerts in Tierra del Fuego.

Every year, from the last week of April to the first week of May, the capital of the faraway Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego becomes the venue of the Ushuaia International Festival, the world’s southernmost classical music fest. The fifth edition, which began on April 25 and will continue through May 9, this year features the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra and 18 prestigious international soloists and chamber orchestras. The director of this edition is Jorge Uliarte (Argentina-Austria), co-founder and artistic director of the Festival and present director of the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra, who is accompanied on this occasion, as he was last year, by Argentine director Pablo Dzodan. As on previous occasions, the festival is headquartered at the Las Hayas Resort Hotel. The program includes master classes and lectures as well as free concerts in the cities of Ushuaia, Río Grande and Tolhuin. Information: