National Peruvian Paso Horse Show

In the Salta Rural Society grounds.

This northwestern province, which has conserved more colonial architecture than most others, has also retained its horse culture. From May 1 to 3, the 28th National Peruvian Paso Horse Show will take place in the Salta Rural Society grounds in the provincial capital. The meet is the most important show of its type for the breed in Argentina for the number and quality of the horses competing. Breeders from everywhere in the country and delegations from Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and the United States, among others, will take part.

What is a Peruvian paso horse?
In colonial times, big landowners in Peru developed a breed of horse with a swift ambling gait that allowed them to inspect their extensive holdings in comfort, practically without moving in
the saddle. These horses don’t trot; they walk as fast as other equines trot or canter. In Argentina, possession of one has always been a status symbol for horse lovers in the northwestern and Cuyo regions where the Spanish cultural influence was the greatest. The breed is still called “Peruvian” out of tradition, even though it has been in Argentina for 300 years. It is also present in the United States and Europe.
PHOTO CREDIT: Peruvian paso horse at Estancia Colomé, Salta, Bonnie Tucker.