The National Fishermen’s Festival

Mar del Plata honors its men of the sea.

Bonnie Tucker / FST
During the last fortnight of January, Mar del Plata residents celebrate the National Fishermen’s Festival, dedicated to the men of the sea who have made their city Argentina’s most important fishing port. This year this popular festival is seeing its 28th edition.
… foto Flota Marplatense BLOG.jpg … Every day from 11am to 1am, the public can enjoy tasty seafood in the canteen of the traditional tent that is installed especially for the festival in the square of the fishermen’s wharf. In the tent there are also exhibitions of handicraft and other products, and musical and humor shows take place there as of 10pm every night. The Fishermen’s Queen will be chosen the next-to-the-last day of the festival, and on the last day (January 31 this year) some 20 fishing boats will take part in a nautical procession in the port, following a vessel that carries the image of St. Andrew the Apostle, patron saint and protector of fishermen, as well as the parish priest, who will bless the waters.
… foto Fiesta Pescadores BLOG.jpg … If they are lucky and arrive at the fishermen’s wharf early (around 2pm), some tourists might be able to join the procession on board one of the fishing boats, as long as they take into account that it is a religious event. The image of the saint is removed from the church at 3pm and carried to the port, from where the boats set out at around 3.30pm. The procession lasts about one hour.
PHOTO CREDITS: Part of the Mar del Plata fishing fleet, Bonnie Tucker. The nautical procession of the 25th National Fishermen’s Festival, held in 2007.