National Yerba Mate Festival

The “Yerba Family” Reunion.

Those who happen to be passing through Misiones this week should stop by Apóstoles (68 km from Posadas, the capital), where yerba mate farmers and millers from this province and neighboring Corrientes are having their big annual party in honor of Argentina’s traditional infusion.

It is the 31st edition of the National Yerba Mate Festival, which this year is taking place from November 3 to 8 with the participation of representatives from the 17 departments of Misiones and the two in Corrientes that grow yerba. During the festival, there will be seminars on advances and new knowledge related to production and industrialization, as well as music and dance shows. The fairground is open in the afternoon and evening.
The Yerba Mate Queen will be elected on Saturday Nov. 7, and the Big Lunch for the “Yerba Family” (for more than 2,000 diners) and the presentation of the Yerba Mate Order to the best producer of the year are programmed for Sunday Nov. 8. Also during the weekend, there will be an exhibition of special cars (vintage, classic and hot rods).
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PHOTO CREDITS: A well-steeped mate. Marcelo Imbellone. “Matecito,” a vintage car and the festival’s well-attended lunch last year, all courtesy of the National Yerba Mate Festival.