Arteclásica shows all contemporary styles

Finally, some figurative art.

The sixth edition of Arteclásica, the only BA art fair that gives considerable space to contemporary figurative art, is in full swing in Pavilions 1 and 2 of the Costa Salguero exhibition complex on the Costanera Norte riverside drive.
The motto of this fair is Plurality and Quality. Thus it gives a rather revolutionary respite from the deluge of experimental and alternative products of the younger generation that has been occupying most of the space of other shows for several years now. They too are present in Arteclásica, but as a minority.
Every year, Arteclásica invites a different foreign country to send works by its contemporary artists. This year it was the turn of Japan, a country with styles and an aesthetic sense that are quite different from those of Argentina. Artists and art specialists give afternoon lectures on technical and philosophical subjects of interest to the art world every day from 4pm to 8pm.
The fair will be open daily from 1pm to 10pm until Saturday November 7. General admission costs 20 pesos.
It is to be hoped that next year Arteclásica will be staged in a more centrally located exhibition center that is easier to get to for people without a car. Only the 33 bus goes there and it is packed with passengers in the late afternoon and evening. And who wants to wait for a bus in that area – or even be there – at night?

FOTO CREDIT: Arteclásica.