30th National Immigrant Festival

September 3-13 in Oberá, Misiones.

In Oberá, the descendants of the immigrants of more than 20 nationalities who settled in Misiones during the 20th century enjoy their peaceful coexistence. Ever since 1980, they have been getting together every September to share their meals and customs. In the Park of Nations, where each community has its typical house, social, cultural, sporting and recreational events take place in a festive atmosphere shared by Oberá residents and visitors every night of the festival. The most colorful moments of this popular fiesta are the opening day parade in which the communities present their beauty queens,

the performances of the different dance groups, and a light and sound show that moves from house to house in the Park of Nations. General admission is free the first night, and ranges from 5 to 35 pesos, according to the program (but never exceeds 5 pesos for retirees).
Other interesting experiences in the area at this time of year: a stay with a farming family, and a look at the local bird park and a private snake farm where venom is extracted for the fabrication of snake serum. In Oberá, or in Posadas, the provincial capital, you can book excursions to Moconá Falls; Iguazú Falls; the Jesuit missions in the province and in neighboring Paraguay and Brazil; and the Iberá wetlands in Corrientes south of Misiones.
For more information on the festival and other activities in Oberá, visit:
http://www.fiestadelinmigrante.com.ar/ y http://www.obera.gov.ar/.
PHOTO CREDITS: The inaugural parade in 2008, and the show of the Ukrainian community’s Barvinok dance group. http://www.fiestadelinmigrante.com.ar/.