Salta - Iguazú

Andes Líneas Aéreas plans to offer a domestic air link between Salta City in northwestern Argentina and Iguazú Falls in the northeast on April 29. Three times a week, one of the Salta-based airline’s MD 80s will be flying 180 passengers from Buenos Aires to Iguazú and back, with stops in the cities of Córdoba and Salta. This is a welcome decentralization measure for all passengers, because until now someone wishing to go to the falls from Salta has had to drive more than 1,000 km, or fly south to Buenos Aires and take another plane north from there, owing to the lack of direct air connections between the two popular destinations. The only other exception to the BA monopoly has been Sol Líneas Aéreas, whose 34-passenger SAAB 340A turboprops stop in the city of Córdoba on flights between Rosario for the city of Mendoza five days a week, without passing through Buenos Aires at all.