About Far South Travels

Welcome to southern South America

Far South Travels is a travel planner for Argentina, Uruguay and Chile with written and electronic components that suggest ways in which travelers interested in local culture and nature-oriented outdoor life can combine destinations in this part of the world to suit their tastes, available time and budget.
We are a team of experienced Argentine- and US-born travelers who have explored the three countries of the so-called “Southern Cone” of South America repeatedly over the past two decades. We feel that their geographic and cultural diversity is precisely what makes them such an interesting combination, and we want to share our experiences.
We figure that if people come this far south just to spend a few days in one place, or ply only classic itineraries, it’s because they have no idea of everything this region can offer them. We intend to change that.
We are not a guidebook. We merely want to orient people who have allotted themselves sufficient time to pursue the above-mentioned specific interests as to how to get around, and what accommodations and activities we think will be up their alley along our itineraries in and among these countries. So if it is complete lists of hotels, restaurants, pubs or travel agents that you want, and the opinions and rankings applied to them by travel writers, you will find them in the books, travel guidebooks and Web sites we recommend.
Nor do we aim to replace reputable travel agents or qualified local guides. No written guidebook in hand can replace the company and knowledge of a local resident who knows and loves his or her turf. And the best way to ensure that your travel experience in our region will be a pleasant one is, precisely, to entrust the details to a local travel agent.
The tours, excursions, expeditions and road trips outlined in our free bilingual periodical are developed at length with color images in http://www.farsouthtravels.blogspot.com/. This material will eventually end up in a picture book that will also provide information on the region’s flora and fauna, as well as geological, paleontological, archaeological and historical background information additional to that in our blog.